Kyle Lin, Editor

June 19, 2014

The school’s weeklong Balmoral band camp ended last Friday June 6, marking the ending of another year of Scottish Arts as well as the beginning of the... READ MORE »»

Caption: Another day in Harry Isensee's Balmoral class.


Henderson Cup

Kyle Lin, Editor

May 16, 2014

Officials awarded the TAPPS Henderson Cup to the school on the morning of May 14. Representatives from TAPPS, athletic director Clayton Harrell and headmaster... READ MORE »»

Caption: Headmaster Michael Cusack shook the Henderson Cup proudly over his head in celebration during Wednesday's chapel service.


Academic Team Places First at State

Kyle Lin, Editor

April 14, 2014

Three points were the margin of victory for the academic team on last Monday and Tuesday, when eleven of the school’s students went to TAPPS State... READ MORE »»

Caption: In their downtime on Tuesday, the second day of competition, Calvin Wong '16 (front right) and Alex Liang '16 behind him use Xbox controllers to play games on Calvin's laptop.


Orchestra Second, Choir Fourth in State Music

Kyle Lin, Editor

April 4, 2014

Capping months of chapel, after-school, and in-class practice, the orchestra and choir competed at TAPPS State on Thursday March 27 to Saturday 29 to place... READ MORE »»

Caption: The choir members gather for a group photo to celebrate the occasion. They received all ones, the top score, and placed fourth in sweepstakes.


Pictures: Go Texan Day

Kyle Lin, Editor

March 10, 2014

Students demonstrated state spirit last Friday as they came to school in Texan attire. Mayor Annise Parker announced February 28 as Houston’s “Go... READ MORE »»


First Day: Freshman Move In; Seniors Move Up

Kyle Lin, Editor-in-chief

Homeroom talks. New classes. The mad dashes in the hallways to claim top lockers. Wednesday was the start of a new school year. For freshmen like Rafael Bello ’18 Wednesday... read story

August 20, 2014 • 0 comments

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Volleyball Girls Get Ready for the New Season

Volleyball Girls Get Ready for the New Season

Noah Melendrez, Online Editor

While the rest of the school is enjoying vacations, hanging out with friends, and time off, the High School Volleyball team is hard at work. Starting in the middle of June... read story

August 21, 2014 • 0 comments

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What is Labor Day?

What is Labor Day?

Kyle Lin, Editor

Labor Day. The first “long weekend” of the school year. A day away from school or work. Time for annual sales. All of these things are synonymous today, but none... read story

September 1, 2013 • 0 comments

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Arts & Entertainment

Fantasy Football: An Emerging Sport

Fantasy Football: An Emerging Sport

Benton Graves, Turf Staffer

Hunter McKenzie ‘15 ascended the stairs one Monday morning with a smile on his face. There was Justin Lai ‘15 at the top, cramming books into his locker. “I’ll trade... read story

January 27, 2014 • 0 comments

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