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The Turf

2016-2017 Staff

Gabriel Joseph


Hello there! I am Gabriel Joseph, this year's Editor in Chief for The Turf.  When I am not busy preparing...

Alex Liang

Managing Editor

I'm a senior now, but I've been at STE since kindergarten. Beyond the newspaper staff, I'm also involved...

Juan Fueyo

Media Manager, Writer

Hi! I’m Juan Fueyo and a junior. I’m in JCL, tennis, Student Foundation, art magazine, and either in the...

Chase Broadfoot


What's up readers! My name is Chase Broadfoot and I'm a senior at STE. I'm on the soccer team and enjoy...

Edmund Carroll


My name is Edmund Carroll, and I am an avid naturalist, novice classicist, and ultimate frisbee fanatic....

Alex Halsey


My name is Alex Halsey, and I am a senior. This is my second year on the staff. I just like to write...

Brooke Braden


Greetings everyone! My name is Brooke Braden, and this is my sophomore year at Saint Thomas’ Episcop...

Irene Fueyo


Hey! I’m Irene Fueyo and a sophomore at STE. I’m on the tennis and mock trial teams, and I love wr...

James Finley


Hi! I’m James and I’m super into swimming, eating, and sleeping! I also particularly enjoy readi...

Jack Egan


My name is Jack Egan, I am in the 11th grade. I have been at St. Thomas' Episcopal for 11 years. I play...

Jackson Barr


My name is Jackson Barr. I am a 14 year old from Houston. I act at the Texas Renaissance Festival as pr...

Rafael Bello


I am a huge choir guy now and have devoted most of my free time to learning more about music and how...

Conrad Li


Conrad Li is an avid writer who words things in an extremely long manner. Though he can be usually be...

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