6 Words or Less: Thanksgiving Break


Conrad Li, Writer

After a long week of band competitions and athletic events, students at STE will be relieved to know that Thanksgiving Break is coming sooner than they think. By pushing it back one week, the break will give the students a well-earned repose for the hard-work they put in this year. After interviewing a few of them, here they had to say:

Filemon Tan: “More time for PSAT Prep”

Mr. Ramsey: “Turkey and football”

CJ Carroll: “Good time to rest for us”

Katie Flato: “I will sleep the entire break”

Jonathan Riley: “So much work till then”

Mr. Thomas: “Big Bend National Park, camping, hiking”

Mark Shonbeck: “Tired out”

James Sastrawan : “Where is my turkey?”

Samantha Rothkop: “I need a break”

George Sastrawan: “Sleep for eternity”

Terrence Li: “Time slows down in class”

Luke Bowers: “No more worrying about school”

Kevin Darmadi: “Turkey with gravy”

Joel: “Awesome”

Matthew Darmadi: “I like the gravy”

Anonymous: “The calm before the storm”

In all, most of us at STE can’t wait for turkey and some good rest.