6 Words or Less: Midterms


Brooke Braden, Writer

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” except for those unfortunate students who have to take midterms. Every year, middle and high school students must put the Christmas festivities on hiatus in order to take the dreaded midterms. After asking around the school how people felt about the upcoming tests, here’s what a few had to say:

Olivia McCullough: “It’s nerve-wracking”

Tess Anderson: “It ruins my birthday”

Christina Arguelles: “I’m not ready”

Blake Faucett: “They suck”

Islay Lyttle: “It’s a lot of studying”

Michelle Tan: “Midterms are very stressful”

Gabby Welham: “There’s no hope for me”

Tessa Conrad: “I associate midterms with stressful tears”

Auden Chang-Houseworth: “Can I get out of it”

Paul Houston: “Want to get them over with”

Paige Braden: “Happy the football game is afterwards”

Katie Flato: “Stressed about remembering everything we learned”

Emily Ware: “Should have started studying much earlier”

Conrad Li: “Sitting on Office Max chairs”

Julien Riley: “They aren’t fun but necessary”

As you can see, the midterms are not very highly anticipated, and most want to get them over with as soon as possible. However, once they are over with, the students will finally be able to enjoy a truly merry Christmas