Back To School Feelings

At the start of the STE 2016-2017 school year, there is an abundant sense of nervousness and
anticipation as to what’s in store for the year.Seniors are glad to be in their last year. Juniors are griping about their homework load. And the sophomores and freshmen keep a weary eye out for the storm of the school year. Here is what some of our student body had to say about the beginning of the 2016-17 school year:

“I expected this year to be extremely difficult however it’s turning out pretty good.”

– Nicole Rajtak’18

“I expected this year to make me feel like garbage. it hasn’t yet. I’m waiting for the school bus to hit me.”

– Sophia Fox ’18

“I was happy to be a junior because I’m an upperclassman now.”

– Katie Coats ’18

“I was excited to be a junior , but knew there would be a lot of work.”

– Anna-kate Rentz ’18

“Nervous about how much work we would have junior year.”

– Mia Burkhalter ’18

“Fire and brimstone, but just don’t mess up.”

– Filemon Tan ’19


“I tried not to think about it”

– Lauren Lehman ’19

“I was afraid it was going to be hell; I was right”

-Auden Chang ’18

“This year is all work and no play”

– Islay Lyttle ’18

“It’s gonna take a lot of studying”

– Emily Bergin ’18

“I want to start off strong”

– Ian Sullivan ’18

“My last year at Hogwarts. It’s gonna be totally awesome”

– Abigail Cunningham ’17

“Same as last year but more homework and less free time”

– Hughe Clark ’18


“Super stressed but potentially exciting”

– Olivia Lane ’18

“I feel like it’s going to be a calm before the storm”

– Juan Diego ’18

“I can’t wait to leave”

– Victoria McKenzie ’17

“There’s so much work. I cant wait to be a senior”

– Reena Keachadke ’20

“I was crying on the inside”

– Isabel Lyttle ’20

“Get my grades so I can go to Ole Miss”

– Paul Venus ’18

“I can’t wait to leave”

– Hannah Cervone ’17

“I look forward to the challenge”

– Rafael Bello ’18  

As you can see there are fairly mixed feelings about the upcoming year. But all of our students know that this year, no matter what happens, they will have a productive and fun time here at St. Thomas Episcopal.

Photo Credit to: Sydney Bloesch, Marilia Sampaio, and Maddie Hankins