Texas Renaissance Festival 2016


Jackson Barr, Writer

It’s that time again. The Texas Renaissance Festival opened wide its gates last Saturday, October 8 to a record breaking opening weekend. The Texas Renaissance Festival  (TRF for short) was chosen the #1 cultural fair in the United States by USA Today last year. TRF transports its patrons back to an era of rebirth. There are skilled craftsmen, flamboyant entertainers, and many more characters at TRF. TRF is off of FM 1774 near Magnolia. Starting last year, children get in free on Sundays. I myself am a performer there as a part of the TRF performance company. The performance company is a group of paid professional actors whose job it is to entertain you, the patron. We have everything from Germans to fairies, pirates, to barbarians. A little bit of everything is there at the festival, which has special themed weekends.  Each weekend corresponds with one of the groups I had before mentioned, and include their own special contests, performances, and feel. This week is a 1001 and One Dreams weekend, centering on the Fairy court.


 Here is a little guide for you on what to do in the festival:

 1) The shows. At the TRF, we have professional circus performers, whip men, falconers, musicians, dancers,  and many, many more. They are free to watch with purchase on ticket, and change every year. Some personal favorites include: Birds of Prey, The Clan Tynker, The Dead Bob show, and The Fire Whip

 2) The shops. The TRF has professional craftsmen from craftsmen in wax, metals, leather, roses and countless more who want are eager to share their wares with you.

 3) The performance company. The performance company at TRF are there to play with you, so let them. Anyone in costume and with a performance company badge can be trusted and has practiced for eight weeks for the time to play with you.

I hope to see many of you out there this season. The Texas Renaissance Festival runs from the weekends of October 8 to Thanksgiving Friday and weekend.