A Dark and Stormy Poll

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A Dark and Stormy Poll

Emily Ware and Nicole Rajtak

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According to one student, there are two types of people in the world: those who dress up for Halloween, and adults.

If you’re rolling your eyes (or maybe nodding your head in agreement), you’re not alone; with such a diverse student body, students are sure to hold and express many different opinions regarding Halloween participation.

Those who fail to celebrate the “child’s holiday” cited various reasons, such as conflicting religious beliefs or a need to study for AP classes. Others responded with rather downcast answers — for example “appendicitis ruined Halloween” and “I cannot celebrate because I am afraid of ghosts.”

Graph by Nicole Rajtak

There was an equally broad spectrum of responses from those who are dressing up and going trick-or-treating. These included desires to dress up as a “cereal [sic] killer” and “Arnold from Magic School Bus” and also included references to pop culture figures such as model Bella Hadid and rapper Kodak Black. Furthermore, some students seemed to be plagued by indecision, with one planning to go as either “a fairy or a witch” (two alarmingly opposite personas), and another wishing to go as “probably something dead.”

Whether you are dressing up or not, The Turf wishes you a Happy Halloween season.

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