Test Flood

Test Flood

“My brain is fried right now,” said Jack Burke.

On October 19, it was PSAT test day at STE. Students took these high-pressure tests on top of their schoolwork and tests.

“I am completely worn out by this test. For me specifically, reading can be hard when I am tired because of my dyslexia,” remarked Manuela Mesa.

However, many agree that the PSAT was less grueling than last years.

“This PSAT was much easier, yet I am also smarter and sharper than my 9th grade self. However, this was still a time-crunch,” Filemon Tan said.

After finishing the PSAT, students were mentally drained for the day.

“For the first half hour after I finished the PSAT,  I was pretty mentally exhausted. Then, I realized that for the rest of the day, we would be doing little to no work in our remaining classes, so I was happy again,” remarked Emily Ware.

Seniors on the other hand had already taken the PSAT during their junior year, so they got the morning off. “I went to Torchy’s and the French House and watched the Princess Bride. But of course I feel sorry for everyone who had to take this long and arduous test,” Alexander Halsey ‘17 said.

Though it was less straining this year, the exam was not in any way a blow-off. Like the previous PSATs, time was a major factor that contributed to its difficulty. In addition, the Math Without Calculator section was the hardest to finish. The short 25 minutes allotted for it and the questions themselves did more to hamper the test-takers than to help them. However, may errors could have also been eliminated if the students had read the instructions. Paul Venus, for example, would have scored exponentially higher on the math section had he not made a careless mistake.

“There was not enough time for me to complete the Math Without Calculator section, but I also did not know that I could write on the test booklet, and so I did all the calculations in my head,” he said sadly.

Afterwards, though the students did not receive their half-day, teachers were very kind toward them. Some students have gotten better at test taking, “It [the PSAT] was not very hard at all and I had about five minutes left on each section,” said Sam Jones.

Although there is a maximum limit of only two tests per school day, students are constantly bombarded by essays, projects, and extracurricular events. Not only tests, but sometimes, quizzes, which can be distributed without restriction, may also cause students’ anxiety to skyrocket. But regardless, all the students at STE are up to the challenge and want to succeed here.