Fall Fair at STE

Conrad Li, Writer

Autumn is a season of colorful leaves and bizarre Halloween costumes. But for students, it is also the beginning of a stressful school year. An anomalous repose from their arduous schedule occurred at the Fall Fair last week where all their anxieties gave way to smiles and bursts of laughter. For the kids, it was a chance to free themselves from the oppressing hand of homework, and for their parents, the Fall Fair sparked conversation and brought the STE family closer. Nonetheless, with all fun events, comes extensive planning and physical labor. This year, the band and dancers along with Jose and all the other parent volunteers helped set up this thrilling event.

“Though I was annoyed at first that I had to give up my “valuable” time, I was immediately encouraged with the prospect of free donuts,” Conrad Li ‘19 said.

However, this event was not organized entirely by the work crew. Parents and students from every grade also gave up their time to run their respective booths. In addition, homeroom teachers encouraged the kids to take initiative and volunteer.

“I would specifically like to see more males signed up for our booth,” commented Mrs. Schwartz during English class.  

With the introduction of a petting zoo and hamster ball races, the Fall Fair gave off an exciting vibe, not felt during classroom lectures. The costume contest was no less spectacular. With outfits ranging from zombies to cupcakes to even iPhones, it was difficult for the judges to choose a clear winner. In the middle school competition, three out of the four contestants tied for 2nd. Moreover, there was also an unidentified T-Rex scurrying across the field. Later, it was reported that a mob of lower-schoolers were chasing the extinct dinosaur, and we hope that he cherished his time here.

Furthermore, the fall raffle revenue reached a record $22,000, which will be used to fund band trips and pay for a brand-new set of drums. Perhaps raising the price of the raffle tickets from $5 to $10 was a wise, financial decision by the band instructors.

As a celebration of the unique education that all STE students will receive, the Fall Fair has always ignited in its participants a burning desire to surrender their worries to euphoria. Joyful and exhilarating, it teaches that whenever you are stressed out from the challenges of everyday life, you can always turn to the power of friendship, happiness, and fun.

Photo credit to Manuela Escobar ’17