STE Open House


Senior ambassadors Catherine Craft and Lonzie Helms review their material before the perspective parents and students arrive.

Irene Fueyo, Writer

“A lot of people have seen St. Thomas; a lot of people have seen the name and have driven by it,” said Dale King, Head of the Upper School, “but the Open  House is a one-evening opportunity for them to come hear from the headmaster, admissions, the heads of the different divisions, and then, also, take a tour of the campus, and hear from all the teachers in the gym.It’s designed to introduce us to the community.”

Although most prospective families have seen the buildings, read the name, and heard the bagpipes, they have not yet fully connected St. Thomas to the students and teachers inside it. Every year, on one of the first two weeks of November, potential students gather at the school to further view its programs and curriculum. From hearing the band to hearing the orchestra, the visitors receive a sense of what it means to be a student at St. Thomas.

“The purpose is to show how STE accomplishes their mission statement. Middle and upper school ambassadors give tours, so visitors talk with the actual students and not just teachers, and then we take them to the gym where booths are set up for all the electives and core classes,” said Jian Liang ‘18, a student ambassador who helped with the event.

The passion of the teachers is displayed not only through one-on-one conversations but through hearing the students talk about the classes and programs they value the most.

“The most surprising thing is surprisingly not the bagpipes or the highland dancing,” said Jian. Although students tend to think that the most unique thing about the school is its Scottish Arts program, student ambassadors find that the Latin program and the classical-learning program in general are the most distinctive to visitors.

“There’s just a real opportunity to see the passion that goes behind everything we do here,”said Mr. King.