A Mock, Mock Trial


Juan Fueyo-Gomez, Writer

Although competition for the title of “Smartest Club in the School” may be argued, there is a clear winner for the club who dresses the smartest. This particular club prepares imaginary court cases, complete with witnesses and lawyers, and competes with other teams around the state. One school is randomly assigned the prosecution and the other defense, with an added bonus of competing in actual city courtrooms. Due to the activity’s high standards and formality, dress code dictates high-heels, blazers, ties, and slacks; only clothes the finest lawyers would wear. 

The STE Mock Trial team arrived to the parking lot around 7:00 on January 7th and climbed into a bus. Soon, the trip to the Regents School of Austin was under way, and the team put final touches on their case. They stopped working to enjoy a visit to Buc-ee’s, a vast, convenience store and an essential stop on any Texan transmetropolitan road trip; there, they donned their signature sophisticated outfits.

Once at the school, the team met the Regent’s mock trial club, which led them to the room where the scrimmage would take place. The group was nervous, but one member, Irene Fueyo ’19, an attorney at the scrimmage, was struck by how much their fears were unfounded:

“Before you start you think it’s gonna be really horrible and you’re gonna die, but once you start you get caught up in it and it’s kind of fun.”  

The team took some time to get caught up in it, however. According to Alexander Halsey ’17, the head lawyer of the team, “We were prosecution in the first round, and I think everyone was just a lot more nervous. By the second round, we really settled in and I thought it went well.”

Behind their success at the scrimmage were hours of preparation. the group had been preparing since October and holding practices thrice a week for two hours.

The scrimmage was supposed to be a test to see how ready they were for the regional competition on February 4th. Judging by the spirit of the bus ride back, complete with Mr. Ramsey sharing notes on their performance, lively debates, checking in on a Texans game, and doing Whitney Houston impressions, it is evident that the mock trial club believes that they are on the right track.