JCL Rice Certamen Meet

Conrad Li, Writer

Latin has always been a staple of STE education. As the origin of almost all Western Language, the knowledge gained from this “dead” artifact of literature can increase a person’s vocabulary and expose him or her to a myriad of poetry, plays, and historical texts. In fact, to this day, Latin still continues to inspire creativity and nurture the intellectual growth of scholars, young and old.

The STE JCL, a club which brings fun and joy to many Latin-lovers, competed in the Rice Certamen Meet last week bringing home a third in the Novice Division. In this fast paced buzzer game, teams from each school test their proficiency in ancient history, literature, culture, and grammar to see which team has the highest mastery of Roman and Greek life. “Not only is Certamen about knowledge, but it also has a lot to do with how fast you can recall the information and press the buzzer,” says Mr. Kim, head of the STE JCL.

The Advanced team also competed at the meet. Though they only won one game, many of their teammates were absent due to other extracurricular conflicts. “ Our Literature and Mythology focused guys were not there, but I think this experience showed us how much work we have to put in to beat those other teams,” commented Arvind Mohan. Texas, the largest of the State JCL clubs, is one of the most competitive and rigorous Certamen Areas. On top of that, William Lee, the National JCL head of Certamen, is a teacher in Texas and a strict moderator. “ I remember that if it was only one second over the 3 second answer limit, he would just move on to the next question. He also read very fast and in a robotic voice,” remarked Joel Hrncir.

Overall, this was a beneficial and exciting experience for the young Certamen teams, and will bring improvement to future competitions.