First Day(s) of School


Photo by Juan Fueyo-Gomez

Conrad Li, Staff Writer

After weeks of volunteers working tirelessly to clean up the mess Hurricane Harvey had left in its wake, the fateful day for school to start up again came. Faced with the problem of whether to move the middle or high school to the new facility, the school board and Mr. King, confident with the “resilience” of the STE upperclassmen, decided to send the high school into the uncharted territories of the HCA campus.

The first difference that the high schoolers noticed between STE and HCA was the size of the classrooms. “For the first few days, I felt cramped in class,” Aaron Maurer ‘19 said.

Furthermore, school now starts at 8:45 and ended at 2:30. Each class is only 40 minutes long. Though many are satisfied with the shorter school time, some worry that the homework load would increase. “Short classes are a blessing and a curse because although we spend less time in school we do more at home,” Jonathan Riley ‘18 said.

This change was especially difficult for juniors who often have to take 3-4 grueling Advanced Placement (AP) classes. “This year is definitely going to be more difficult. Teachers will really want to challenge us in order to prepare us for the exams. Most of us will have to study more than usual,” said Tessa Conrad ‘19.

In spite of these difficulties, many students were already setting goals for the future. “I really want to excel without forgetting my values and what I’m passionate about,” Emily Ware ‘19 said.