Science Bowl Team Optimistic Even After Loss

Science Bowl Team Optimistic Even After Loss

Emily Ware, Staff Writer

Aryan Gotur ‘21 slapped at the buzzer so vigorously that his glasses nearly fell from his face. But the buzz first came from his opponent’s table, and so too did the correct answer.

He sighed, then quickly refocused; before the judge could finish asking a question about chemical bonds, Aryan’s buzzer sounded, and he confidently shouted, “Electronegativity!”

For the first time in the entire round, the Saints now had the edge against their opponents. Although the team answered many questions correctly, they frequently exclaimed the correct response before being called upon; as a result, the team’s opponents were able to steal their answer.

Unfortunately for Aryan and his teammates Jonathan Riley ‘18, Ty Guidry ‘21, and Matthew Ye ‘21, the Saints’ lead dwindled, then vanished altogether. By the end of the day-long competition, the team had both won and lost three rounds. Although the group’s performance at the Texas A&M Regional Science Bowl far surpassed expectations (the Saints’ team was comprised of merely 4 members), its accomplishments were not enough to secure the Science Bowl team a chance to vie for the national title.

Moreover, Jonathan, a graduating member, believes that the future of the Saints’ Science Bowl program is bright, primarily due to the tenacity and budding curiosity of the team’s youngest members. “Because there were three freshmen on the team,” Jonathan said “I hope that they can grow together to become an even more solid team for their junior and senior years.”