Across the Aisle: Immigration. Opinion Piece by Rocio Casal


Pedestrian travelers wait in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection line at the Mexico-U.S. border port of entry in Hidalgo, Texas, U.S., April 13, 2018. (Loren Elliott, Reuters)

Rocio Casal, Writer

Trump’s plan for the wall border is such a controversial topic, but in my opinion it makes no sense for him to build a wall when that will not stop every single immigrant from coming in illegally. Now, I understand why Trump might think that the wall is the only way to stop immigrants from coming illegally, but think about what it’ll do to those immigrants who want to seek asylum in the US. Most, if not all, parent immigrants only wish to go to the US for a better life for their kids, but Trump’s plan to build this wall will definitely affect how and when immigrants will be allowed in the country. This is a very serious problem and recently nobody has really cared about the things the Trump administration is doing to those immigrants who only want a safe place to live. I understand that some immigrants come here illegally from cartels, or in other words some immigrants that come here illegally may be criminals, but that does not mean that all immigrants are criminals so what I don’t understand is why this wall is portrayed as a solution to this situation. To sum it up, I completely disagree with this idea of a wall, and I think it is unreasonable and President Trump is essentially being racist towards immigrants, specifically the ones from Latin America.


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