Song of the Week: Hollow Life


Cecilia Joseph, Writer

Featured Song: Hollow Life, released 2015 as a single

BioWith only four songs on the internet to encapsulate their vision, the hipster duo Coast Modern has yet to make an impression on the indie scene, but followers anticipate their rise to popularity. What the band currently lacks in quantity, they have been sure to compensate for in

quality, pairing their twisted-­pop sound with artistic visualizers that serve as a guide through the journey of song offered to any visitors of their Youtube channel. Admirers of genuine performances will be quickly drawn to the unique vocal artistry of the band’s lead singer, Luke Atlas.

Coast Modern Pic 2

Members: Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp

Upcoming Local Show: White Oak Music Hall, October 12, ‘16 (get tickets)

Similar Artists: BØRNS, The Shelters