Song of the Week: I Wanna Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart


Cecilia Joseph, Writer

Featured Song: I Wanna Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart

Bio: The genesis of the garage rock band known as The White Stripes took place in a small Detroit restaurant called Memphis Smoke, where high school senior Jack White (then Jack Gillis) met Meg White. The couple began to craft an image for themselves visually, using only the colors red, white, and black. Influenced by blues and country, Jack drove the band to success in the early 2000s, acutely reclusive Meg drumming at his side. By creating the impression of siblinghood, the Whites kept their marriage hidden from the public until they divorced four years after being wed and permanently dissolved the band just seven years later. Though the group separated, Jack White continues to write and perform music with Third Man Records, a label he founded in 2001.



Jack White: piano, guitar

Meg White: drums

Upcoming Local Shows: None

Similar artists: The Raconteurs, Beck