Song of the Week: Preacher

Gabriel Joseph, Editor-In-Chief

Featured Song: Preacher

Artist: OneRepublic

Members: Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle

Similar Artists: The Fray, The Script, Train, Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees

Upcoming Shows: November 30th, Dallas Texas. House of Blues Dallas. Get tickets here

Bio: OneRepublic is no stranger to making music. The duo of Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins have been together since 1996, when they both formed their own little band, called The Beautiful Mess, in their senior year of high school. Since then their little group has grown into the five member band it currently is. The band which is known as OneRepublic was formed in 2002 and debuted their first album, Dreaming Out Loud, in 2007, a long five years because Columbia Studios dropped their first record deal. Now the band had a hard first start. Their first album was met with mixed feelings and did not sell very well with American audiences and the band still had not made a name for themselves in the national music scene. Yet redemption came with the debut of their second album, Waking Up, which was met with critical acclaim and pleased audiences worldwide, from the United States to Germany, to Australia. The top song in their album, All the Right Moves, reached double platinum, meaning it sold more than two million copies worldwide. In addition a few other songs on the album reached top charts all over the world, with some being played in TV shows and films. In all, with the debut of this album OneRepublic defined their style within the genre of alternative rock/pop and made a name for themselves setting the bar for their next album high.

The next album they came out with debuted in 2013, Native, which is the album where our song this week comes from. The album’s third single, Counting Stars, turned out to be their most popular song to date, reaching 5x platinum in Australia and 3x platinum in the US. But the focus of this week’s highlight is not this popular song, but a lesser known song called, Preacher.

Generally OneRepublic could be defined by their use alternative rock elements, shown in their lyrics and main riffs, with some electro/pop elements infused with these rock styles. But with the song Preacher, the band takes a different and softer approach with an emphasis on the lyrics, not the music. Preacher is a fairly sentimental song, but far from maudlin. The song writers aimed for this to be a reflective song which can relate to every listener. The power of dreaming and striving to achieve those goals and dreams which will make you happy is the overarching message within this song. Contrary to the band normal song style, they use orchestral elements and drums to convey a sense of journeying. The constant drum beat creates the image of taking step after step, with the strings and choir elements providing a lovely backdrop of thought, imagination, and dreaming to the song. Overall this song is very peaceful and good-feeling and aims to make its listener reflect and remember their pleasant memories. So I encourage you to listen to this song a few times and listen to the lyrics; letting your mind wander and heart stroll the vast expanse of emotion.