Song of the Week: Composed from Vitals


Cecilia Joseph, Writer

Song: Composed from Vitals (2015)

Bio: What is now known as the four-man band Mutemath originated as a simple exchange of music between Louisianian Paul Meany and drummer Darren King, who at the time lived in Missouri. By early 2002, King had relocated to New Orleans in an effort to collaborate more productively with Meany. Later that year, with Meany’s band having broken up, the two artists began considering their side-project more seriously, and moved into a house to create music intensively. The next year was filled with progression for the band as they welcomed Greg Hill (left band in 2010) as a guitarist and took their demos to producer Tedd Tjornhom. After gathering fourth member Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and releasing their Reset EP, success escalates as the band began opening for acts such as Mat Kearny and The Fray.

Upcoming Local Shows: None


Paul Meany – vocals, keyboards, piano, guitar

Darren King – drums, percussion, custom percussion

Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas – guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals

Todd Gummerman – guitar, keyboards, programmer, vocals