Varsity and JV Volleyball Lose Games at the Woodlands

Amartya Sinha, Staff Writer

This last week has been a little rough for our volleyball team, but they still remain strong.

Although Woodlands won against our JV team (8-25, 12-25) and against our Varsity team (5-25, 12-25, 7-25), they were not playing against our full Saints’ potential. According to team manager Tommy Wang ‘18, “A lot of people were missing, so a lot of people from JV had to be brought up.”

From varsity, Anna Kate Rentz ‘18, Ella Classen ‘21, and Julia Coelho ‘19 were absent from the game, and Hannah Hudson ‘20 from JV was also not able to make it.

Since the varsity team’s setter (Ella) was absent, they had to substitute in JV setter Isobel Lyttle ‘20 as well as others from the JV team in order to have the required six people on court.

The JV team, too, was without enough players, so Ava Barcelo ‘20 had to fill in.

“We had just had practice the day before, and then so many people couldn’t make it the next day for the game. So a lot of the coordination was off since they didn’t get to practice with that rotation,” said Tommy.