The Turf

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2017-2018 Staff

Amartya Sinha

Staff Writer

Amartya is a senior. This is his fifth year at STE. He likes baked gods, BBQ, and boba.

Emily Ware

Staff Writer

Juan Fueyo-Gomez


Hello! I’m Juan Fueyo-Gomez, a senior. I’m in JCL, tennis, Student Foundation, art magazine, and e...

Irene Fueyo


Hey! I’m Irene Fueyo and a sophomore at STE. I’m on the tennis and mock trial teams, and I love wr...

Jackson Barr


My name is Jackson Barr. I am a 14 year old from Houston. I act at the Texas Renaissance Festival as pr...

Conrad Li


Conrad Li is an avid writer who words things in an extremely long manner. Though he can be usually be...

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