Senior Takes Trip to the Holy Land


James Finley, Writer

Turf staff writer James Finley sat down with STE Senior Edmund Carroll to learn about Carroll’s summer trip to The Holy Land. Here is what Carroll said:

JF: So Edmund, I hear you spent some time in Israel this summer. How did you end up taking the trip?

EC: I had a friend whose sister had gone to Jerusalem a couple years back, so my friend was going to go visit a family friend of theirs in Israel. His mom knew I would be interested, so (she) offered me an opportunity to go.

JF: How long were you there for?

EC: About three weeks.

JF: Who did you go with?

EC: I went with that friend, another friend from Houston, and a guy from Dallas who had also heard about it.

JF: What exactly did you do in the Holy Land?

EC: I helped at an orphanage in Bethlehem, and volunteered at a summer camp that was in a local parish. I also visited most of the holy sites, and we visited several other very historical places, including Masada, by the Dead Sea, Akko (or Acre) which was the last Crusader stronghold in the Holy Land, and we spent a weekend in Galilee.

JF: Do you have one memory or experience that was especially meaningful to you?

EC: I really don’t have a single experience that was outstandingly special, because everything was so amazing, but I really enjoyed the summer camp at the parish, Terra Sancta. I made friends with a boy there, George, and we still email back and forth. We also played several games of soccer (or football as they call it over there) with several of the local Arab boys. One last thing, I loved being so close to the Old City, our house was a ten minute walk from the Holy Sepulchre.

JF: What in Israel struck you as the most different from life here in Houston?

EC: I think the prominent differences in Israel were the stark contrasts between the Muslims and Hebrews. I saw several instances of dislike and discrimination on both sides.

JF: Do you plan to go back again soon?

EC: I would definitely love to go back again, especially to the friends I made at the summer camp.