Top 10: What To Expect For Freshman


Gabriel Joseph, Editor-In-Chief

High school is a new and exotic environment for incoming freshman. It can be overwhelming and many may need a little help figuring things out.   Therefore, The Turf staff is inaugurating our new Top Ten series with the Top Ten Tips for STE Freshman.

Read them and take them to heart.  (Mr. King doesn’t want any of you in a hysterical panic in his office).

Top Ten Tips For STE Freshman:

10. Appreciate Chapel Test days.

9. Study for the mythology test!

8. You are not going need all school supplies listed.

7. Mr. Ramsay will ask you to join cross country, be prepared!

6. The dances can be uncomfortable and tricky situations.

5. Try to meet new people and make new friends!

4. Mr. Ramsay is not as scary as he looks.

3. Don’t get into a relationship… you’re only a freshman!

2. Enjoy and appreciate every second of freshman year… time flies.

1. Freshman year is not as hard as you expect… but also, be prepared to die!

Seasoned seniors interviewed for this Top Ten:

Alex Lotze, Marilia Sampaio, Eli Melenderez, Riley Moran, Jamir Mason, Emily Smith, Hannah Followill