Top 10: STE Choir and Orchestra Musicians


Rafael Bello, Writer

Ever since the music programs were introduced to the schools, we have had amazing talent go through the school and perform well at all levels and in all circumstances. Not too many leave pursuing music professionally but all leave being impacted by the experiences they had and the music they performed. The people of the choir and orchestra have plenty to say about practices and performances, and the teachers are very proud of their programs and the musicians in those programs. Note that this list is not in any particular order. Everyone in the choir and orchestra programs gives it their best and are all equally respected for their effort. But here are some highlighted students who were willing to lend some thoughts on their performance in their programs.


From left to right: Edmund Carroll, Rafael Bello, Ruth Carroll, Tessa Conrad, and Ian Sullivan

“I’ve been doing choir for a long time, and it is still so much fun” – Tessa Conrad ’19
“Choir brings harmony to my life” – Ian Sullivan ’17
“Mrs. Crownover makes us sound good” Ruth Carroll ’18
“Choir inspires me to aspire to become a better musician.” – Rafael Bello ’18
“Choir lends beauty to my life.” – Edmund Carroll ’17


From left to right: Catherine Pivalizza, Katelynn Phang, Reese McDermott, Jian Liang, and Alex Halsey

“Orchestra is really great and I love it” – Jian Liang ’18
“It’s relaxing and really fun.” – Katelynn Phang ’17
“I’ve had to give up Fridays.” – Alex Halsey ’17
“You get to perform and compete.” – Reese McDermott ’20
“Orchestra gives the oppurtunity to play some fun, challenging music and is a great stress-reliever.” – Catherine Pivalizza ’17



All photo credit to Miranda Graves