6 Words or Less: Sophomores and the ACT


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Testing sheet

Last week, the 10th grade took the ACT, which contains a Math, Reading, Writing, and “Science” section. The day before, Mr. Hughes announced for the first time that the practice ACT would be held the next day. Though they were unprepared, the 10th graders found a plethora of surprises, good and bad, in the test itself. Here is what they had to say about it:

“Time scrunch” Jack Burke

“It sucks a lot” Ellen Tillery

“The Science was not science” Maxine Zhao

“My brain died halfway through” Tessa Conrad

“Shorter than the PSAT” Aaron Maurer

“It was boring” Toren Hughes

“It was easier than the PSAT” Manuela Mesa

“Did not take it” Jill Williams

“Wasn’t that bad” Lauren Lehman

“Really easy. Easier than the PSAT” Emily Ware

“More straightforward than the PSAT” Conrad Li

“I dislike watching forest fires” Sydney Bloesch

“Where’s the science?” Filemon Tan

“The science is easy” Edmond

“So stupid” Miero Nazarian

“Long, boring, absurd, boring, long” David Gordon