Song of the Week: Graveclothes

Nicole Rajtak, Staff Writer

Featured Song: Graveclothes

Artist: Birdtalker

Members: Zack and Dani Green, Andy Hubright, Brian Sligman, Jesse Baker

Similar Artists: The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Decemberists, Mumford and Sons

Upcoming Local Shows: none


Birdtalker began in 2012 as newlyweds Zack and Dani Green tried their hand at songwriting. They were soon joined by their old college friend, Andy Hubright, professional drummer who freestyled with the the couple when they played in their home. The trio began to perform regularly and were approached by Brian Sligman at an August Shakespeare in the Park. After Brian Sligman approached them at an August Shakespeare in the Park, they added mandolin and guitar to their array of instruments, but something was still missing. The band grew and gained a modest following. Jesse Baker and his bass guitar soon joined the group. A quote from their website reads, ‘“Birdtalker’s hope is simply that the more music they write and share, the more true and vulnerable interactions may be born from it.”



As the school year starts and Houston begins recover from Hurricane Harvey, Birdtalker’s 2016 song reminds us to remain upbeat and move on with life. Graveclothes’s verses describe a young girl and a boy, neither of whom are satisfied with life, yet it concludes as a song about cheery, youthful summer love. In writing this, Birdtalker created a chorus everyone can glean something different from, which implores us to “shake our grave clothes to the ground.” Graveclothes appears on the band’s debut EP, ‘Just This’, and is classified as Alternative/Indie, with some arguing for a classification of Folk Pop.