6 Words or Less: College Applications


Photo credits: CollegeXpress.com

Juan Fueyo-Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

As the deadline for college applications looms in the minds of the seniors, The Turf’s Juan Fueyo-Gomez asked them to describe their feelings on the ordeal in this edition of 6 Words or Less.


“Pain. Suffering. Depression. Failure. Anxiety.” – Mitchell Harrington

“Ahhh! I’ve made a huge mistake.” – Miranda Graves

“I hate it so very much.” – Jian Liang

“It was great until… something happened” – Shannon Singleton

“Tedious. Long. Hateful.” – Iris Bian

“A lot of cramming” – Ruth Carroll

“I write more than in school.” – Tommy Wang

“A long process. And annoying too.” – Derek Lazor

“Overly expensive and nerve-wracking. Rip-off. Stressful.” – Auden Chang

“Not bad until deadlines are here” – Nicole Rajtak

“Long and hard. Over complicated. Dumb.” – Ronald Yu

“Miserable. Stressful. Depression.” – Haruka Kokaze