6 Words or Less: College Applications


As the school year started, each of the seniors had spent the summer fervently filling out their college applications to various universities they are interested in. Each one had a different take and opinion on the process but all seemed to have a profound sense of relief now that it is almost over. However, they must now deal with the anticipation of waiting for their acceptance letters. Here are some of our seniors feelings on the application process:

“Time consuming” – Stephen Faldyn

“I am not finished yet” – Riley Moran

“I better get into Stanford for real” – Chris Han

“LOL haven’t submitted anything yet” – Alex Liang

“So much death” – Katelyn Phang

“This is testing my sanity” – Gabriel Joseph

“It makes me hate myself” – Alex Halsey

“Um?” – Alexis Orlin

“Suffering”- Maxine Huang

“Continual battle” – Calvin Wong

“It was alright” – Timothy Xia

“Suicide” – Alex Lotze

“Frustrating, time consuming, and killing me” – James Sastrawan

“Saucy” – Mark Zhu

“Just nope” – Casey Jones

“Death… help me”- Kaitlyn O’Brien

“Please, please,please,please,please,please” – Emily Smith

“Please accept me” – Catherine Craft

“Meeting personal deadlines” – Eli Melendrez

“Choosing the path of your life” – Chase Broadfoot

“Tedious, relieving” – Patrick Li

“Depressing” – Mark Masterson

“Oh God please let me live” – Abigail Cunningham

“Easy to get lost in” – Ian Sullivan

So as you can see our seniors have many different feelings on their college applications, but all of them know the value in a college education. The Turf wishes you the best of luck!