Come to the Chemistry Show!


Brooke Braden, Writer

It’s almost here! From ages five to ninety-five, everyone thoroughly enjoys the annual Chemistry Show, traditionally conducted by the Saint Thomas’ sophomores. From color-changing fire to exploding gummy bears to sugar volcanoes, this year’s chemistry show will be a “blast” (literally). The majority of the show will take place in the gym, with an outdoor finale consisting of several jaw-dropping experiments out on the field. This show is an exciting and interactive way for kids to get excited about science. “It’s really interesting and fun to be able to see cool experiments and hang out with your friends,” said Pierce Braden about last year’s Chemistry Show. This year’s show is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 13. Price of admissions is planned to be $10. All money raised will go to the upcoming high school prom. Set the date for an entertaining and family-friendly event sure to knock your socks off!