STE Soccer Team Wins First Match of the Season

Juan Fueyo-Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

The men’s soccer team is off to an explosively great start this season, winning its first match of the season against Emery Weiner 4-0, with Joel Hrncir ‘20, Jonathan Riley ‘18, Matthew Sarabia ‘21, and Julian Riley ‘20 scoring the goals. The team has reached the state championship finals for the last few years and won the TAPPS state championship two years ago.

At first, it was not clear whether the team would be victorious. “The first part of the first half we were a little rough,” Jonathan said.

However, the group quickly shook off its rust. “Everyone started calming down, and we were easily beating them,” said Derek Lazor ‘18.

Those who scored the goal received a boost of confidence. As Jonathan put it, “It was great, you know scoring in the first goal of the year. I was really happy about it [scoring a goal] because previously I already missed two shots before and they were pretty open chances.”

It was clear that the whole team shared in the enthusiasm. “I feel confident that we can win state,” Derek said.