Freshmen Field Day


Patrick Close

Greyson Singer ’22 participates in egg race. Photo by Patrick Close ’20

Ceci Joseph, Editor

Wednesday, September 5, Student Foundation hosted an event to strengthen the bond between freshmen and seniors. They met first during lunch in the Murray Center and planned outside activities for seventh period.

During the lunch catered by Zoey’s Kitchen, StuFu leaders created teams Red and Blue. Each team consisted of freshmen and seniors. Outside the sky was threatening rain.

“We thought that we were gonna have to do all the activities inside,” Diana DeLeon ‘22 said.

By seventh period, Diana thought it was just sunny enough to begin outdoor competitions, including trivia, egg races, and toilet paper wrapping.

“The freshmen and seniors paired together had five minutes to wrap their partner in toilet paper,” Emily Philipovich ‘19 said.

Just a few minutes shy of 3:15 dismissal, the Blue team, first to complete each activity, won a free lunch for a day of the coming week.