Spaghetti Dinner

Lizette Diaz, Writer

This year’s spaghetti dinner occurred September 21, 2018. The annual event brings STE families, students, faculty, and alumni together and encourages them to donate money to the school.  This year was especially significant to student body president, Celia Houston.


“As I went around greeting everyone, I realized this would be my last year at spaghetti dinner as a student,” Celia Houston ‘19 said.


Attending Spaghetti Dinner is a long-standing tradition in her family. As she’s usually the one orchestrating them, Celia rarely gets the opportunity to enjoy a school function.


“The only thing I had to worry about that night was making sure coach Ramsey didn’t see me with dessert. I’m supposed to be prepping for the cross country season”, Celia said.  


The lively music, dancing, and company of friends made for a successful night.


Cameron Cooley 22′ attended his first spaghetti supper this year.


“I liked hanging out with my friends the most, by far”, Cameron said.


It was one of the first activities hosted by the school he’s participated in since the year began. It was important to him to attend spaghetti dinner to create traditions for himself as he begins to find his niche at school.


“One down, three more to go until I’m a senior”, Cooley ‘22 said.